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Some questions about Moon Godlike subrace

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I'm planning on playing as a priestess of Wael. A pale elf touched by the gods... so A moon godlike from the white that wends. She is going to be a mystic, a priestess of Wael... or at least this is what I'm planning... but, is this against the lore?


I readed somewhere that moon godlike are touched by Ondra... so are the moon godlike suposed to worshiper her? or it doesnt matter at all? I mean, fire godlike worship magran or their special racial condition doesnt force them to worship the god that touched them?


I hope some light in this :)

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No, being a godlike does not entail worshipping the corresponding god.


Maybe some godlikes even despise the god who "touched" them - because usually being a godlike comes with some hefty (social) disadvantaves.

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Yep. Also Ondra is one of the more secretive goddesses, IIRC no one even knows what she looks like in the old legends and she isn't known to speak to her followers.


You could simply say that although your character seeks (or perhaps, once sought) Ondra, you found Wael instead (or found new purpose in his teachings).

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