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Need a Dev to look into my account: Serious Character roster issue



There are certain characters that are appearing on the mobile version of my game that don't show up when i play the steam/pc version, and vice versa. A couple of these characters are quite strange, i don't remember using them at all but for some reason they start with 1 point into their (supposedly) main stat and some also start with 1 into one of their powers. What's even more strange is that they don't have any scenario or adventure completed either. I had to see if this is real, so after finishing Adventure B and 1, I have a total of 3 skill points invested into when the only possible amount up to now is 2. 

This probably means if i finish the whole game with these "bugged" characters, i would have 7 skill points for all these characters while a few of these will have a total of 8 power points, 1 extra point in these categories making them a bit more powerful than what is actually possible.


I suspect, but am not entirely sure, that these bugged characters were transfers over from the quest mode that is now defunct, but i honestly don't remember what characters i used in this because i barely played quest mode back then.


My user id is Sigmatt88 #5502. 


I conveniently named them their original named followed by the word "bug" at the end. I bring this up because again i can't find them on my pc and i already have used up all 24 character slots, so maybe that's why they aren't showing up in the roster. (at one point my roster read 25/24, not sure if this was relevant but it corrected itself when i exited and re-entered the create party screen)


This gets weirder, let's go back to the mobile version. The bugged characters are showing up here but unfortunately i can't find 5 other characters on my roster.

If you go over to my saved games, i have a party of valeros, sajan, seoni, lini, and merisiel and these happen to be the 5 characters i cannot find on my mobile version. There seems to be at least 2 characters on that roster that I have never created and they happen to be the 2 Sunwrought Kyras and the strange thing about them is they both seem to have the same exact deck. Whether they are bugged is up to debate but i suspect this character just duplicated itself. One more thing, this syncing issue is very big. As i was checking these duplicated sunwrought kyras, my main sunwrought kyra(the one i have beaten the game with) somehow got replaced by one of the duplicated ones (the ones that were never used) so i essentially lost all progress and cards(the cards i don't mind because the other day i had transferred most of her cards onto my team of bugged characters)... that is until i had a backup plan with my pc version still opened and my main sunwrought kyra safe and untouched. I created a game with her just in case i lose her again.

Funny things happened afterward. I restarted the mobile app after the game creation and my main sunwrought kyra was back, this time it got rolledback... to my benefit. The cards i had previously transferred from her possession onto another party member has suddenly appeared back into her deck. This meant i duplicated my cards, which included some slaying weapons.


So all in all, 5 characters i can't find on my pc version but can find on mobile, and vice versa 5 bugged characters i can find on my mobile version but not on pc version.


I can provide a video once i have a free time to give you an idea of how bad it is. If for some reason you can't find the bugged characters, just refer to one of my saved games with the word bugged in their names. It's not the full party as of now but it gives you an idea of what i mean.

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Yes, I found the similar bug in Rise of the Golbins as well.


I played in Steam (PC) and IOS (ipad & iphone) and Android. When I create a team in Rise of the Golbins, it cannot sync and disappear to either IOS or Android.


However, when I checked the characters of the team, they are locked and cannot delete or add to another team.


So I played in Steam again and found the team is there!? Then I use Steam to delete the characters (and team) in order to release the characters' slots.

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