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Stronghold Hirelings Cost Too Much!

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I just realized that they keep draining my money each day whereas the taxes are only collected when I perform quests (i.e per turn). This means that whereas the earnings of your stronghold is severely limited (and not to mention utterly pathetic - even if bandits didn't take most of it no matter how high the security rating!) the drain your stronghold represents is, in essence, unlimited.


So it is with much sadness I'm going to have to sack Korgak - as awesome as it is to have your own Ogre pal around, it is just not economically viable in the long run to even keep any hirelings about. The drain they bring about just doesn't seem worth the upgrade they provide to your keep over just upgrading it with the one-time cost building upgrades....


What were the devs thinking in not having both their wages AND your earnings tied to the same event? That is how pretty much every single game that has a similar system does it - and for good reason. Sigh...

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Maybe if it isn't your first playthrough so you know exactly what you want to buy and where, sure.


In either case, it doesn't really change how flawed the design with hirelings is - aside from the novelty factor of populating your stronghold with NPCs to liven it up, they are nowhere near worth their cost. Quite the opposite.

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I've never felt the hirelings' cost actually affect me. A few hundred coppers every week or so just doesn't register, really. Even on my first playthrough. The only thing you need to be rolling in cash is to pick up every Fine or better item and sell them all.


If you want the "good ones" it can easily stack up to 1.000 - 2.000 gold per day.


Korgak, for example, isn't cheap.

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By the time you get Korgak though you should be well into mid-game. It's really easy to generate money in PoE once you're done upgrading the Caed Nua.


You're not supposed to keep a full retinue of "special" hirelings, you hire them temporarily when anticipating special events like an adventure or invasion on your next turn and then dismiss them. You only splurge if you really don't have anything else to spend your currency on.


For static bonuses you hire the standard hirelings and a few of the cheaper unique ones.

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So far I have just used a couple of the cheap ones just to get the security a bit higher as I'm building the Stronghold.

I found it useful to have a couple of these guys to use as cannon fodder in a defense battle.

Last battle it was great how they pinned down the enemy.

Not knowing I worried when they were killed.

Would I have to pay their families or not have the choice of hiring that type again?

Nope...I guess letting them die is fine.

I was hoping to get Korgak as I got him on a superficial first playthrough, but when I redid my character I didn't meet the req's this time to recruit him.

That was scary as I figured I would lose vs Korgak and his bears...but nope..Korgak was pretty easy so maybe he's not worth 50cp per day.

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