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Seems like there's a new game call Tower of Time which uses the slow time instead of pause. Maybe Deadfire can have a similar feature? It seems the slow in PoE is still kind of fast. I remember there's a few level of slowness in earlier build. Why now only one?

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While unltra slowmo might look cooler I can only think of possible disadvantages.


I didn't play early builds but if the amount of speed options was removed I imagine it was for readability sake. If the decided that not all speeds are useful, they removed unwanted ones. So you have a pause, if you really want to stop and analyse situation, slow mo for combat if you wan to have more time to react, regular for easier fight/casual exploring and fast forward for quickly gettting from one place to another.


If I remember well from streams this system will be streamlines even further. As fast forward isn't useful during the combat, and slowmo during exploration in Deadfire you will have a simple on/off switch - changing between normal and slow/fast depending if its combat or exploration. I remember them mentioning it, but the UI shown on the E3 demo still has old fashioned slow&fast toggles so maybe they came back around.

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