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Apparent bug: The Black Monk



Text on the card says, " Before you act, each character at this location must succeed at a Constitution or Fortitude 12 check, or the difficulty of that character's checks is increased by 4."


However, when I failed the Constitution check, I received damage, and all the cards in the character's hands were lost.


I'm positive I did not just misread what the check is for -- I am now looking at the screen for combat, and the required number to beat has correctly been increased from 20 to 24... but all my cards are gone.

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Not too long ago, The Black Monk wasn't correctly doing its "Before You Act" check.  Perhaps the fix was a little... overzealous.  


Either there was some weird regression, or the internal logic on that card may be interpreting the BYA as a combat check.  Stranger things have happened...

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