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Corrupted save?



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How about to try to login using another platform?


That's one way to do it.  Though, if there is "good data" in the cloud, it is almost as easy to wipe the app from your mobile device and reinstall.  After that, the game should revert everything to the last good sync.


It is possible that it might not do anything for you, but there is a greater likelihood your mobile device died in the middle of managing save data than beaming the changes off to the cloud.


Worst-case-sceanrio, you can also delete the party.  That will free up the characters and allow you start a new party and bring them along as "Experienced" members.  The characters will be exactly the same as you left them, and will have the same overall progress through the game.  The only thing you will lose is credit towards Heroic and Legendary completions.

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