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Lost purchases, gold and chests since installing on my new phone



Hi there,


I have a new phone and it seems that my purchases have not been merged to the new phone.  I believe this is because of a difference in the PFID's despite my google play account being the same.  Please assist.





What platform are you on? Android on both devices


What version of the OS are you running?


Old phone:  6.0.1 Marshmallow

New phone: 7.0    Nougat


What model is the device?


Old phone:  Samsung Galaxy 6

New phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+


What is your PFID#?


PFID of old phone:   13D76D65C9BE9D54

PFID of new phone:  9E38BCA965240B10



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I have had a very similar issue. My ongoing games were synced, but I wasn't entitled to Rise of the Runelords anymore. So once I finished my current map, I wasn't able to start anything else. I'd really like to resolve this considering I paid 25$ for the bundle

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Since the beginning of this year, there have been several reports where something funny happens with google play and it generates a new PFID for the user.  I primarily use iOS, so I can't speculate why that seems to be occasionally happening.  It should also be accompanied with a change to the username in the top left of the main menu (i.e. User #1234 becomes User #2456, etc...).


The support team has been able to merge accounts or copy content from one PFID to the other.  Email support@obsidian.net with your current username and PFID, and as much as you remember about your previous username/PFID, and they should be able to restore the content to your active account.


[Lost All Purchases]

[Sudden profile change wiped all of the progress]


If you don't hear back from anyone for a while, post back here, or PM 'MrBishop' or 'Aarik D' and someone should be able to help escalate the issue.

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