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Sudden profile change wiped all of the progress



Howdy ho!

I hope you're doing splendid and have a moment to help me out!

The issue I've faced is rather odd.

I linked my main Android profile with the Steam Obsidian Edition days(!) ago, and everything went just fine. I bought a PC game version and linked my profiles in order to get more ingame benefits only, I intend to play on my Android device ONLY.

But after days of smooth and productive play weird stuff has taken place, all of a sudden. I logged in as usual, and had been taken into a blank profile.

My Google Games Profile (read: google mailbox) is the same, but the PathfInder Account and my PFID now differ in numbers. It used to be Raisty #5562 and PFID-E1CF77119F390145. Now the blank one is Raisty #4790 and PFID-710B25AFC1768E46.

I logged into my PC Steam account, and my real (Raisty #5562) account is in there and doing fine (well, at least for now).

I have enormous (!!) amount of money at my profile, around 150 chests, all the top content stuff, 5 high end parties and so on...

I've tried reloading, restarting, reinstalling the mobile app - neither works.

Any idea how do I get it back?

I'm afraid to lose ot all, trying to link my desktop profile to my new android profile. Btw I'm not even sure it's quite possible.

Would you be so kind to help me out?


p.s. Steam profile seems to work fine and all the stuff is still in there, including gold, cards, purchases, even characters and parties. But the tragedy is that I CAN and DO play on a mobile Android device only. I totally have to sort this thing out, I have to make it work again. I've already been offline for more than a week.

p.p.s. I sent this message both to MrBishop (since the issue is migration-related, obviously) and to Obsidian Support team 8 days ago, but haven't received any answer on the topic. You guys must have been really busy, and it's all fine and cool by me, the pity is that I do not play PA since that moment and want to be sure that I'm actually being heard.

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I have no idea what the cause is (not an Android user), but there have been a handful of reports where a Google Play account went rogue and created itself a new PFID.  Here's one similar support thread.


Sorry you've been waiting this long on a response :( , but the good news is that you have all the PFID info that the support crew would need to fix it.  In other cases like this, they've been able to manually reconnect profiles or shift things back to the way they were before.


There isn't much you can do on the user-end of things to correct this, but in the meantime, it should be perfectly safe to continue playing on Steam. I know it isn't your preferred platform, but there isn't much else to do while you wait on a fix.

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Thanks for the advice. You're right!

But a Steam game is not even a less desired option for me. It's just that I can't afford to spend my spare time sitting in front of a computer, doing nothing. And by "nothing" I mean gaming.

I travel quite a lot and a mobile app is super convinient.

Besides, next second I am spoted playing games at my laptop I would get whopped by my wife.

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It's been 2 weeks already.

Might look like 7 days since the topic is that old, but the message to the Support Team and PM to Devs both are dating July 8.

Still, there're no answer given neither from Obsidian Support, nor from the forum developers team.

Faced total profile wipe and inability to play @ mobile device for 2 weeks straight.

Dunno why did I even bother to pay for a obsidian Edition.


Lost interest. Thanks.

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