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Break down of classes' ability trees anywhere?

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Some abilities are only available after you have a previous ability. For example, the fighter can choose "extra knockdown" only if they have "knockdown", the monk can choose "lightning strikes" only if they have "swift strikes", etc.


The game does not show you what future abilities you can choose, and the manual doesn't have a list or tree that shows you all the abilities.


Can anyone here point me to such a list, with all the abilities and their prerequisites?

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most of the time it's only one class talent that follows one ability. Sometimes one class talent following another class talent. With paladins there can be two follow-up talents for Flames of Devotion that don't dpend on each other. Same with priest and Interdiction (2) and HolyRadiance (3). With druids there are two talents for Spiritshift which are successive and so on. I will try to list them all here (a= ability, t=talent):




  • Constant Recovery (a, automatic)
    • Rapid Recovery (t)
  • Knockdown (a)
    • Bonus Knockdown (t)
  • Defender (a)
    • Wary Defender (t)
  • Weapon Specialisation (a)
    • Weapon Mastery (t)




  • Carnage (a, automatic)
    • Accurate Carnage (t)
  • Frenzy (a)
    • Greater Frenzy (t)
  • Wild Sprint (a)
    • Powerful Sprint (t)
  • Savage Defiance (a)
    • Stalwart Defiance (t)




  • Spiritshift (a, automatic)
    • Wildstrike <element> (t)
      • Greater Wildstrike <element> (t)




  • Arcane Veil (t)
    • Hardened Veil (t)
  • Blast (t)
    • Penetrating Blast (t)




  • Holy Radiance (a, automatic)
    • Inspiring Interdiction (t)
    • Aggrandizing Radiance (t)
    • Brilliant Radiance (t)
  • Interdiction (t)
    • Painful Interdiction (t)
    • Empowered Interdiction (t)


  • Ancient Memory (t)
    • Beloved Spirits (t)


  • Soul Whip (a, automatic)
    • Biting Whip (t)
    • Draining Whip (t)
  • Phsychic Backlash (t)
    • Brutal Backlash (t)


  • Flames of Devotions (a)
    • Intense Flames (t)
    • Remember Rhakan Field (t, Bleak Walkers) || Enduring Flames (t, Goldpact Knights) || Fires of Darcozzi Palace (t, Darcozzi Paladini) || Vielo Vidòrio (t, Frermàs mes Canc Suolias) || The Sword and the Shepherd (t, Kind Wayfarers) || Shielding Flames (t, Shieldbearers of St. Elcga)
  • Faith and Conviction (a, automatic)
    • Deep Faith (t)
    • Untroubled Faith (t)
  • Lay on Hands (a)
    • Greater Lay on Hands (t)
    • Shielding Touch (t, Shieldbearers of St. Elcga)
  • Sworn Enemy
    • Wrath of the Five Suns (t, Frermàs mes Canc Suolias)
  • Liberating Exhortation (a)
    • Inspiring Exhortation (t, Darcozzi Paladini)
    • Bond of Duty (t, Goldpact Knights)




  • Swift Strikes (a)
    • Lightning Strikes (t)




  • Animal Companion (a, automatic)
    • Merciless Companion (t)
    • Vicious Companion (t)
    • Faithful Companion (t)
    • Resilient Companion (t)
  • Swift Aim (a)
    • Swift and Steady (t)
  • Wounding Shot (a)
    • Accurate Wounding Shot (t)
  • Takedown (a)
    • Brutal Takedown (t)
  • Binding Roots (a)
    • Thorny Roots (t)
  • Defensive Bond (a)
    • Strengthened Bond (t)
  • Reckless Assault (a)
    • Deflecting Assault (t)
  • Finishing Blow (a)
    • Devastating Blow (t)
  • Dirty Fighting (a)
    • Vicious Fighting (t)


I guess that's it.

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