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Consistently Crashing



Pathfinder Adventures consistently crashes for me. I have been playing for several weeks without serious issues. Have had infrequent, non-repeating crashes when changing party and/or changing cards in individual characters' decks.


Here's some general info


Device: iPad

iOS 10.3.2




Consistently crashes each time I click 'Continue' from the main screen. Also consistently crashes when I click 'Start' & then click the play button beneath my party.


Party: Seoni, Lini, Len


Sincerely, thank you for your support resolving this issue

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That could be memory issue... caused by having "too many" saved characters (depending on the device it could be anywhere from 14+, but it usually hit when you have 20+). Solution would be to delete some of those characters but since you most likely can't get to party creation screen that is of no help.


There is a thread here when one of the devs asked to be sent PFID so he could temp delete some character until the next patch where they'll add memory optimization that is supposed to solve that issue.

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I've repeatedly reinstalled and deleted characters. I only have 11 characters currently.


Game works, then doesn't work. I thought my problem was solved with reinstalling and deleting characters two days ago....but this game has become crazy unstable. No problems for entire past year.......and now problems every day???


Developers, trust me, those who are crashing now are just "canaries in a cole mine"---we need a fix now

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Good Evening Everyone,


The crashing continues.  I'm dead in the water.  The good news is that the actions that cause the game to crash are very repeatable, so it should be possible to troubleshoot after folks return from the holiday weekend.  I genuinely appreciate any resources you can bring to quickly resolve this issue.  Pathfinder Adventures is truly a great game, and I look forward to being able to play it again.


Actions that always result in a crash (tested 20 of 20 times).

Click 'Continue' Button on the main screen

Within the 'Start' Menu, click on the 'play' button beneath an existing party


Actions that _never_ result in a crash:

Open the app

   Pathfinder Adventure screen

   Obsidian/LoneShark/Asmodee/Paizo screen (Loading icon spins)

   Main Screen - displays my username, Continue, Start, Collection, Options, Store, etc.

Open Start Menu

Open Collection

Open Options

Open Store

Open Challenges


Actions that sometimes result in a crash:

Within Start Menu, click 'New'


Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional info, or to verify the fix.  :)




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So I decided to reinstall in attempt to fix the crashing when I click on the manage deck while in the manage party screen, in doing so the game punished me so by crashing every time I try to load an existing character or click load existing button. Also the game has become senile and party members that are obviously in the party are available to be loaded in. This is getting insane. I just want to give this potion of deftness to my thirsty drunk Sajan. Sajan just wants a drink.


-Von Heimlich pfid# f0bee234ef0be689


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Android v4.2.2

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Good Evening,


So it's been nearly a month since I reported this fatal issue. Other players have independently confirmed. Game remains unplayable. No communication from Obsidian. This is very poor customer service. I've agonized over this, but I'm uninstalling the game that I paid for. I will leave a poor review & will refrain from purchasing Obsidian products in the future. The reason I've agonized over this decision is that this was a great game - the best digital Pathfinder by far. But now it crashes 100% of the time. Farewell



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