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Game got into a broken state after encountering a Harpy Monk using Nethys blessing



Deck 4 scenario, the one with the Black Monk and the Harpy Monks, on heroic difficulty.


Had druid at Temple. I used the Blessing of Nethys (the one that lets you re-order the top two of location before exploring), I saw a Harpy Monk, and put the Harpy Monk on top. Finished the re-order, and I encountered the Harpy Monk.


Boy.... did things get weird after that. The Harpy Monk appeared, and I got the sound effect prompting me for the Wisdom die roll, but no die and no "Wisdom" prompt. I couldn't do anything, so I exited to main menu and did continue (sometimes when things get a little screwy this fixes things). Boy this made it worse. When I continue-ed, I started off on the map view, the Harpy Monk was still being encountered, but I had no idea what I was suppossed to do on this map view. So I exited back to main menu, and then continued. Still map menu.


This time I clicked on a location, and my druid suddenly moved there, as if I was in a movement mode.Then the rest of the characters went through their wisdom check, as normal. So I thought things were OK. Up until the game returned to my druid for the actual combat check. My spells/weapons were blocked as if I had failed a wisdom check, but there was no Harpy Monk and there was no way for me to use an item, and there were no dice or checks being prompted. I think the game got really confused because my druid was no longer in the location that the Harpy Monk was. Tried some main menu > continue visits again, but was just stick in this permanently broken state. Ended up having to forfeit the scenario.


I don't know how bug reports work for Pathfinder Adventures, but I'd be happy to provide any logs if they exist. 

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Check this long for instructions.



And some advises: Put the problem and the game version to the header, so it is easy to see what is the bug and what version of the game was used. It makes us other users easier to find problem that others have encountered!

I personally like posts that has one on very similar problems in one threath. It Also make finding help much easier than posts that have very Many different bugs in one threath.

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