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We should at least keep the pressure on them to resolve this.  After 3 weeks of silence from them other than a confusing "showing how the sausage is made" followed by more silence, we deserve answers.  PlayFab have committed what is tantamount to fraud, and unless they address it I see nothing other than regrettable legal action being required to force their hand.


Lol. Good luck to you. I've paid for the season pass and even though I've played the game to death, I still paid for the Steam version, using the discount and ambassador stuff. I'm no longer angry. I was numb for a bit. Now I just don't care anymore. I have learned my lesson though. I'll never be a early supporter for any other game. Except for Kingmaker. That game looks so sweet. Oh and if they make Mummy's Mask. I'm all up for that.

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I'm personally willing to accept that forces beyond Flounder's control were behind the change. Given that the character alts were $60 on mobile, I'm pretty happy that I got them for $17 through the Ambassador Program, alongside the ability to play on the platform I always wanted to play on in the first place. The free dice (and the ability to buy 6 sets of dice directly for gold instead of trying to get them piecemeal through chests) were a nice bonus.

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