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PoE coming to Xbox and PS4 on August 29th! (Best News Ever?)

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I understand why people are wary, I am too. That being said I don't see this game selling better on console than PC, the diehard fans willing to spend millions of dollar backing this series are on PC, not console, and so I don't think it will significantly impact the design of Pillars games going forward.


There are realities of game development and if we want Obsidian to remain independent we should hope for them to have a lot of successful products which they own. They tried to sell themselves not too long ago and thankfully it didn't happen, hopefully the success of Pillars and other future products will convince ownership it is worth staying independent, squeezing more money out of Pillars on console could help that happen. 


If Deadfire comes out and the design sucks or feels like it was compromised with consoles and controllers in mind I'll complain loudly and often. Until then I think they've earned the benefit of the doubt.


I will say that the specific exclusions of sales from other platforms on the Fig share returns now make a little more sense and at the same time don't seem quite fair, as while porting does cost money the base game is still the base game.

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Deadfire still looks 95% the same, UI-wise, as Pillars of Eternity, so I am not worried (for now). Nothing against bringing the game to consoles if the original is still made with PCs in mind. I shall, of course, be disappointed if a possible PoE3 breaks from this, but I like to think Obs has more sense than that. I am quite curious to see how they adapted the game to suit consoles.


Having 1 lesser party character is a clear sign. Many would mindlessly defend Obsidian here but i would not. Their initial plan was 4 party characters. Due to how well the reception on Tyranny (if you asked me, Obsidian testing the water). And they know making Deadfire with 4 party characters and hell will break lose and so they go with 5. The issue here isn't consoles. It's the controller. Many cRPGs designed with controller in mind would ruin that game hard. If it sells like hot cakes on consoles, then say goodbye to Pillars franchise. Is the same as Dragon Age. It is why we have Dragon Age 2 and Inquistion. Button mashers. Also i have completed Inquisition on the highest difficulty. There's no tactics. It's an action game. Sure many would say more moneys to devs the better. I agree. But you really like the franchise to get watered down in terms of gameplay and design because of controllers? Nope. I'd rather it stay exclusive.




Oh, **** off already.


5 or 6, it really doesn't matter, it is still really hard to make that work on consoles with the current game mechanics.  Fallout had what, 2 companions? I don't remember people complaining about that. 6 party members isn't some mythical number you must hit when it comes to making a crpg. Some games had 8, Dungeon Master/Legend of Grimrock had 4 etc. 

Just because Baldur's Gate ended up having 6 party members (thus making all the Infinity Engine have the same number) doesn't mean they are dumbing the game down for consoles, if they cut one of those party members. 


Are PC gamers really that insecure that every change is thought as a threat and not as an opportunity to make the game better?


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I think we should be able to have 10 party members, damn it!  And a donkey to portray the stash!  Actually the donkey would be rather cool, would give it an expeditionary feel to it all.

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Everything I have seen from the devs gameplay wise, seems to suggest that they have not made any major changes, and it is still distinctly POE. I wouldn't panic just yet. Dragon Age origins was a 3D action rpg. There is a massive difference between it and Pillars. I'd just look at it as a positive - selling more games means more money to Obs.

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