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Every Game has some Stories... such a "****ty" game like double U O double U... I want the community to write a story about a group of adventurers, where every adventurer has a unique backround story.




1. Every writer is allowed to write one sentence, which describe the things that be, or what happens at the moment.

2. if "2" guys write at the "same" time, the first posted thread is the TRUTH story.  

3. The Adventurers can die and/or leave the group,

4. Write what you think, what it is that comes nex.

5. There should be at least 3 Adventurers at the beginning and not more than 5 at the "end".

6. write a true story about real heroes and/or traitors


The Party needs a name.

The Members need names.

The Members need background, which should be described in their thinking/memories.

All rights reserved for Obsidian!!!


I'm so fu**ing sry for this thread, but i can't wait to play the gane and I need some distraction till the release.


Let me begin.


Cìkh is sitting on a tree stump in the camp near Dyrwood and thinks about his past, while he is stroking his wolf-companion and repaing his Longbow.




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sry for this... 3 day festival... too much beer and mead... and i can't stop thinking about PoE...



These are just stories about the playthrough and I don't want to talk about the game itself. My intention was to write down a whole "new" story about a group of travellers/adventurers offset from the "Watchers Story"... and something like that i have not found anywhere but i will take a look again.

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No problem. :)


The subforum "stories" is still the best place for this I think.


But of course nobody will be mad if you leave it here. It's just that this subforum is frequented a lot more and if the posts for your story don't come quickly and plentiful it may happen that your thread will be pushed to the second page.

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