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Improper Quest Rewards



Latest IOS on tablet

Drdior 9252

pfid 2d3c0b871245c600


Upon update, I found the following


Quest was removed, which included 11 level 40 toons and 1 level 32 toon


Reward was 2 treasure chest and zero gold


I don't think that this is the reward that was indicated.


update: 10:40 PM

I started up PA.   Now, there are 12 chest instead of 2.  Gold has increased by less than 1,000.   I had not made a note of the old gold amount.

So something is happening, but it is not working like it should have for 11 level 40 toons and 1 level 32

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Yeah, that's not right... Check again!



Ok, here is the morning update

There are now 22 chest. It appears that I received a 6,000 gold reward overnight along with 10 chest over the night. This appears to be the proper reward for one level 40 toon.


So.... in total. I got the chest rewards for 2 of the 11 level 40's.

Then... I got 2 more chest from the initial upgrade

And I got one 6,000 gold reward plus one 1,125? Gold reward


Hey, when do you get to sleep again?


I went back and checked again. I did get Nathan's dice. So, if the intention was one set of rewards for any number of level 40's, then I have been over-rewarded.


So, I don't know if this case should be closed.

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