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Planescape Torment: Special abilities and spells.


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NOTE: This is in reference to the original version, not the EE one.


Currently in order to use a spell or special ability I need to do the following:

1. Click on the TNO or other party member to bring up their radial menu.

2. Click on the category on the radial menu (Mage Spellbook or Special Abilities)

3. Click on the spell or special ability I've chosen.

4. Select a target.


Up until this point it's all well and good, but once I select a target the radial menu stays open, and I have to hit esc to close it, which really feels clunky. in BG and BG2 you don't have this problem since the spells and ability appears on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Is there a better way to access these abilities, and I'm just not seeing it? I noticed that you can assign a hotkey to any spell or ability in the game (!) but that seems like overkill.


(BTW, does this mean that Planescape:Torment invented the radial menu that went onto be used in NWN and TOEE?)


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Unless there's a hidden submenu somewhere I've never seen (...I'm pretty sure there isn't), yep, that's it.

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I really don't remember that escape part, cant you just right click somewhere to close it or something?

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