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In the last two decks, my top card choice in each was a blessing.  Not again!   This time, I pick a card that I will keep in my decks all the way through AD6.


My top card for AD3 is Greater Aid.    It beat out some other very good choices.  So keep reading.



Ranger Stash - This is a good barrier.  It is a special form of Large Chest containing only ranged weapons. 



Ranged - Black Arrow Longbow.  You have to finish AD3 to earn it.  But it is the best of the pack.

Melee - Trident +2.  Hey, you don't have to be proficeint with weapons!

Honorable mentions to Venoumous Dagger +2 ande Vicious Greataxe +1



Divine - Greater Aid.  See my comments above

Arcane - Scrying for deck manipulators.  Or Incendiary Cloud just fills my imagination.



Light - Steel Ibis Lamellar.  I regard this as the runaway armor winner in AD3

Heavy - meh

Shield - what were they thinking?



Wand of Enervation (loot)  very nice!

Or Wand of Scorching Ray (but, it is still an attack)

Or Pole, for non-arcane users



Black Arrow Ranger - a very useful card for range attackers



Blessing of Norgorber.  The really good stuff starts coming at AD4+.  This helps you capture it.


 Thinks have started picking up in AD3.  Just in time too.  The next deck is going to be a lot tougher.



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