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[Suggestion] WM1/WM2 Scripted Events

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Just want to say I am following the development of Deadfire eagerly. Pillars was if not my favourite then at least in my top 3 games released in the last few years.


I'm replaying through now and have noticed how much better the scripted events (the cool choose-your-own-adventure-esque story-board moments where you get to make choices that affect the outcome) are in The White March as opposed to the main game. Being able to nominate your companions based on the situation is awesome as you have to think about what strengths / weaknesses they have, etc.


Please include this kind of thing in Deadfire, I think it's a cool feature and can be very immersive when used correctly.



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Yup. I believe Sawyer has already acknowledged using more WM style scripted interactions.

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