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Thoughts on Godlike (are they worth it?)

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Maybe you are right, but if that's the case perhaps they could have added other differences as well. As it stands, others than skin color, they seem to be almost completely a reproduction of northern Italy during re-birth period.


Nah, they're more of an amalgam. Fashions are more French or Spanish than Italian, they trade like the Dutch, and have an armada like Spain. Politically the Vailian Republics do sound a lot like Northern Italian Renaissance city-states though.

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I think it makes for an interesting trade off if properly balanced, just wish the strange appearance would generate different social interactions. I live in a. Country and city where my appearance is quite unusual. It of course doesn't reach that level of difference, but still very obviously affects how other people treat me. That's not reflected in game.


It might be easier to implement the reverse: have individuals who express a preference for a particular race and gender. That way the developers only have to code for one possibility rather than many.


"Well, since you're a... one of those... divinely touched, I'll even throw in an extra 100cp to appease the gods. Blessing of Magran upon you, brother."

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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