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Just for Fun: Wanted Hunter Companions

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I previously asked obsidian if they were going to add any new Druid forms or Hunter Companions to the new game. Unfortunately aside from a certain character specific bird, it seems they shall remain the same and it got me thinking. If for DLC or maybe a new game with hunters, what would you want to see as a Companion for our bow wielding friends? 


Personally, I wouldn't mind being a hunter with one of those large spiders tagging along, perhaps having an ability like the lions roar, but instead more of a webbing shot that slows enemies as opposed to scares them. So what do you think? Do you like the current list/ design of animal friends? or would you like to see a new mechanic or type to join your adventures?

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I was hoping for an albatross, in keeping with the nautical theme. I'm fond of reptiles and amphibians, and it might be fun to venture beyond mammals and birds. A snake could have particularly cool animations, and could perhaps come with a constrict ability for some minor cc, or perhaps a poison. If there's ever content in The Living Lands, I'd love to see a carnivorous plant, especially as a Druid form.

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I've mentioned before: Cassowarie or Honey-Badger.

I'd also be interested in reptile / insectoid (stone-beetle, etc) companions.

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*Casts Nature's Terror* :aiee: , *Casts Firebug* :fdevil: , *Casts Rot-Skulls* :skull: , *Casts Garden of Life* :luck: *Spirit-shifts to cat form* :cat:

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