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With Quest Mode going this month I want to know about "Treasure in Story Mode"

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I don't know how representative my play style is compared to others', but I don't use Treasure in Story Mode - I restrict it entirely to my Quest Mode characters. But now Quest Mode is going away! So I need to understand what the value of all the Treasure cards that I've collected is, 'cos it seems like it has none at all. All that money spent on Treasure Chests... wasted! To say that I feel that OBS have done something reprehensible here is to put it mildly!


I believe that the only fair fix for this is to allow a mechanism to allow Treasure on  a per party basis. There has​ to be a way to use the collected Treasure but also experience the "pure" Story Mode without completely Nerfing it by allowing Treasure.

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cards are only generated once when the scenario is first created. I think if  you switch it on/off before starting a scenario, treasure card will / will not appear in the scenario that you play in. A bit more work, but that works right now.

Entirely right.  Turning treasure cards "on" doesn't permanently contaminate the vault or anything.


What it does is determine whether or not a random selection of treasure cards will be mixed into the "vanilla" vault the next time you start a scenario.


What it should not do is have any effect on games in progress.  And it should not remove any treasure cards that characters may possess whenever you toggle the on/off button.


If you want to have a party play the game "pure", just turn treasure cards off before you pick the next scenario.  When you're playing with a party that you would like to encounter treasure cards, just turn it back on again.  


The "Treasure cards in story mode" option isn't particularly well explained, but to the best of my knowledge it is perfectly safe to toggle on/off without affecting a "pure" playthrough or wrecking the inventory of a party loaded down with treasures.

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While this works, it's hardly a substitue for OBS fixing the App to properly adjust for the removal of Quest Mode. I absolutely guarantee that if I have to remember to throw a switch every time that I play, I'll forget to do so exactly when it's most important that I don't forget.


What I'd really like is to bring my current Quest Mode characters into Story Mode so that I can use all the treasure that they've collected and not have to start another bunch of "Alts" from scratch.  But having said all that, I am pretty much done with the game as this has been the straw that broke the camel's back for me (I haven't even started on AP6, despite owning it). I only keep coming back here to see whether OBS are listening to the community and/or commenting (or even - heaven forfend - soliciting opinion from the users) on how this massive change should be handled. They are throwing away around 100 hours of my time investment in the game and "compensating" me with things that I'm unlikely to use 'cos they are things that I only use in the game mode that they're compensating me for removing, I guess I just hope they will recognise my situation (surely I'm not the only player that uses the "Treasure in Story Mode" switch?)

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