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Od Nua - any point or pointless slog?

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I've got down to Level 9 of Od Nua and it's just turning into a slog. I don't need the XP's or the money and I'm wondering if there's any point to continuing to the bottom. Is there any actual story content between me and level 15? Or is it just boring combats, one after another? Up to the end of Kana's quest there seemed to be something, but now it's just dull.

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There's interesting story content at Levels 12 and 13 and some more with the big boss at Level 15, with an interesting battle at that level as well. I'm not particularly fond of dungeon crawls myself, but it's probably worth it to finish things off. Some of the lower levels are relatively small and don't take that much time to get through.

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I've gone through it a couple of times and can't say it's worth going through the first 11-12 levels just to see some semi-interesting content the rest of the way.  On the other hand, Od Nua is a great place to advance your soulbound weapons because you can get numerous kills quickly and easily.   

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