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I would like to ask what would be great alternatives for dual sabres? i would like ot start new playthrough and I wanted to make dual wielding character but last time I was playing sabres was for sure best choice. Are there any alternatives that are at lease simmilar or even better than sabres? 



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Dual warhammers are nice. Two damage types and nice & early unique ones.


Another nice alternative is the duelist style: rapier + dagger. There are some really nice unique weapons for that setup. For example Sword of Daenysis + March Steel Dagger for early & very easy 0 recovery and very fast attack animation. Later Spelltongue + Unlabored Blade or Drawn in Spring are also great.


A good late game setup is dual battle axes with two Rimecutters or We Toki + Edge of Reason or Wodewys.


I wouldn't say those are better than dual sabres (because there are so nice unique sabres in the game), but definitely good and fun to play.

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Swords. The +2 Con spirit slaying sword in Caed Nua and the Sword rec'd as reward from siding with the Knights in Def Bay.


Stillettos. There are a bunch of good ones throughout the game with 3 of them available in the early game... Azureith's in the Gilded Vale, Oinderacht in the early levels of the Caed Nua and Misery's End as reward for joining with the Doemenals.


Spears. Cladhaliath and the Vile Loners Lance.


Flails. Guan's Share and Forgiveness are easy to get in the early game.


I like Ravenwing in the early game for Maces as it comes with Damaging 3. It's a great early game weapon for a high Might character. Plus it looks pretty badass. Who doesn't like badass weapons? Am I right? Huh?

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