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Does anyone know how +x accuracy when targeting the same enemy as a party member works with carnage (and AOE effects). Is it based on engagement? For carnage, does it only matter if the targeted enemy is engaged by an ally, or is each carnage recipient evaluated seperately. I was thinking about a build that stacks things like one handed style, hearth orlan's minir threat, dozens faction bonus, weapon enchant, etc. for maximum carnage crit-chance.

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When using marking and coordinated attacks it works like so:


- Engagement doesn't do anything for it.


- The marker has to directly attack the target. Either with auto-attacks or with an ability. Also works during recovery or reloading. Once he drinks a potion, uses healing or whatever is not directly attacking the marking stops (=no casting AoEs which have no direct target like Fireball and so on). It picks up once you click on the target again with an attack order.


- Same with the guy who benefits from marking.


- Positioning doesn't matter


- Never tested carnage with marking. I doubt it works with carnage-hits. But you should run a test.


I guess Minor Threat, Coordinating enchanent and Mob Justice work the same way. The last two are easy to test. Minor Threat is difficult to test.


It would have been really great if OBS did create some small visual signal for this. If they can display Sworn Enemy and Flanked they should also be able to display "marked" or something. On the target or on the receiver.


By the way: Carnage gets +1 ACC per level because it's an ability. If you take Accurate Carnage and have some levels your ACC with Carnage will be higher than with your initial attack. That's why barbs don't have a lot of problems to crit with carnage later in the game.

Other great sources of ACC for carnage are a Darcozzi Paladini with Inspiring Liberation + Zealous Focus and a priest with Devotions. Carnage will be at +36 then. Usually that's enough to crit with Carnage all the time - not dragons and archmages though. ;)

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