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Please provide opportunity to mod in Item Description images

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Please allow us to mod in item description images, if PoE 2 won't feature such images from the start. And even if it will, please still allow us to mod them :)


I remember a discussion during the PoE beta where someone asked for item description sketches, in the style of the IE games. It turned out that this wasn't feasible within PoE's budget and time constraints. Me and my girlfriend (by now, wife) were curious how much time would such a sketch take if she tried to draw it and it turned out she can produce them fairly quickly:














Finally, I would take item description images over watercolor portraits for NPCs any day, but that's just me.

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A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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Great idea - any easier customization is good, and being able to add in our own images to items/characters/beastiary entries (though that last was pretty good in PoE) would be most welcome.


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First off, kudos to your girlfriend Gairnulf, those are really nice and exactly the sort of sketch drawings I miss from the old IE games.


Second, do we have a concrete reason to assume these sorts of images won't be in Deadfire? I am sure it's something Josh has mentioned before as something he would like to include, and also that the new version of Unity makes it easier to do. I'm guessing if they do include them then it'll also be easier to mod new ones in.

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