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Purchasing not going through / Rooster!?



Hi Folks, 


We found out two issues that happened recently:


1) The Rooster Ally we were gifting for the Lunar New Year has been temporarily disabled from being granted.  We are looking into the issue we had from PlayFab but there were a lot of API errors that might have bled into normal purchases.


Once we have this squared away, we will send off the Rooster again.


2) Purchasing not working. For over the last 24 hours purchases were not working properly on iOS. We believe we have fixed it on PLayFab now but if you are missing a purchase we can still check the receipt on your account, we just need your PlayFab ID.




This may have also caused a scary looking situation where you just finished a daily or weekly challenge and suddenly your gold appears to have been reduced to zero.  That would be PlayFab sending gold to your account and then noticing that it isn't allowed to update gold so that means no one should have any gold... Or some sort of weird logic.


With PlayFab able to give out gold again, your old amount will magically appear again.  Because Magic.


We're sorry about the hiccups.




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Updated: Super brilliant precision and efficiency on solving the problem and great support.I got what I paid for and it was fixed within 12hours.


Hello, I paid by Google play, but the item didn't come through. Can you help me please?


New Adventurer (Pathfinder Adventures)



Order number: GPA.3373-7160-2525-27808

Order date: 30/03/2017 3:04:38 AM


Many thanks,


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Hi everyone


I'm on android and I just spent 12000 gold on chests in the store at 500 per chest. I got an error message and all my gold disappeared but I only received 1 chest. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with customer service? That was all my gold from the quest mode conversion.....



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