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I've gone through the entire thread and just checked the straw poll:

Six posts here mention Obsidian Marauders, which is the most of all alternatives, and Obsidian Marauders has a solid lead on the straw poll (37%, twice as much as the runner up).

Still, when the idea of Black Isle Bastards came into play, it's been praised just as much as Obsidian Marauders.


My guess is that it would stand between these two options:

-Obsidian Marauders

-Black Isle Bastards


For some reason, I find the latter cooler and less in conflict with the name Obsidian Order, so, if I have to pick, I like the nostalgic nudge, and would now go for Black Isle Bastards.

This also fits the M rating and the pirate theme better, not to mention an archipelago (that island ref is fab).  

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