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Artifact of extreme power, crafted by a master who desired to conceal its remarkable nature

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The Disappointer was touted as a powerful, reliable weapon, but it has consistently failed every one of its unfortunate owners.

This is a terrible weapon that disappoints anyone who uses it. The gun appears well-made at first glance, but closer scrutiny reveals poor design and shoddy craftsmanship. Those who aren't fooled by its appearance still occasionally attempt to use it just to see if maybe the whole thing was made to look this way as an elaborate ruse, hoping that it is an artifact of extreme power, crafted by a master who desired to conceal its remarkable nature. It wasn't, and it isn't. Or isn't it?



So I finally found enough time to play PoE again with the character from my original playthrough, now with White March and on PotD. I wanted an Arcanum-y look with a full plate and a pistol, and decided to keep the Disappointer and bring it to it's true potential :grin:

To make it even better, I made a copy of it with Hellwax mold and took a feat so that I could wield both of them. PEW PEW.

Really enjoyed the upgrade process, and in a similar spirit I was pleasantly surprised with the Unlabored Blade.




Any fun stuff that you found or made in your playthroughs? Any ideas on whether we could expect something similar in the upcoming sequel?

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