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BROKEN savegames!



Hey guys!
I have spent about 49 hours playing this game. Today I loaded several times as usual. It was OK.

Now 5 min ago I realized I am ****ed. I try to load my save game but after it does I see an empty Great Hall in Caed Nua, no characters and nothing else is there. And also it says I hit pause which I didnt. Even if I unpause or try something - nothing happens. There are no characters, not my main even, there is just the empty room of theGreat hall. The other files - autosaves, are also broken. I restarted the game and the PC - nothing.

What to do?

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Gog can be.... painful. Not sure if you are using Gog galaxy? I had loads of problems when I didn't use it for auto updating. Since then, it's been pretty good though.

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