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Issues with quest requirements registering (today only)



So I logged into the app today, and under the challenges tab, all it says is "Retrieving challenge Challenge data still being retrieved" 


Then below that, I have my daily quest, which is to play 10 allies. However, I've completed loads of quests using allies' various functions and discarding them to explore my location and the quest doesn't register my efforts.


I've recently upgraded my IOS on my Iphone 5s, but yesterday's quest gave me no issues. I am most definitely connected to the internet. Can anyone help me out here?

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Tried quitting, didn't work :/

It's not just you.  I think there's just a minor scheduling problem with the weekly quest (it's a holiday in the US; even quests have to take a day off).


We're about 4 hours from the daily reset.  I'd be willing to bet that the weekly will be back again shortly.  :)

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