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A main hero dies at a trap [normal diff.]

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Hello ...
I say to myself - WHAT THE F...<???????????
I just lost a main hero - the orlan druid who talked a lot and is oneeyed. He just stepped on a trap and insta-died. LOL. So, is this normal <??
Does it happen to you , too? It happened after I defeated a boss, a dragon to be exact,
Where can I read some info about his quests<? I like him, lol - so I want to see what happens to him.

The problem: I did not want to restart. Restart is NOT fair !!! I like such surprises anyway...even though they are not positive.

Who the hell designs such traps? Some coder maybe wanted noobs to feel sad... :D
What do you think?

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Some traps do very high damage that also vaporizes your health pool. But still he can only die permanently if you turned off maiming or, if you didn't do that, if he was already maimed from the fight against the dragon. Can't you load a savegame? Or are you playing ToI?

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