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No background arts



I'm so so sorry that my first post is a complaint, but..yeah.


I just bought a new Huawei Mate 9 (Android 7.0) and reinstalled the game and somehow when I logged in and played; there are no background arts.


I tried reinstalling it, but things did not change. I wonder why?


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Not enough system memory?

Try turn of effect from the settings and see if it has any effect.


It could Also be a system bug. I have read Many problems with hunwey tablets. That some games and test programs just don't work with them. So an update to your phone software may help.

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Sorry if I ask for clarifications; I....don't understand Android phones that well.


If by system memory you mean RAM, I think it still has plenty of room...


I did try turning off effect from the settings but nothing happens :(


Update to my phone software .. Do you mean the Android, or something else entirely?

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