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  1. Thanks, same Mate 9 here but I didn't have any problems with previous version of the game worked fine in my mate 9
  2. Same here ! But previous game version worked without problems on my mate 9
  3. Please any help would be very welcomed, thanks in advance for any answer.
  4. I make a new post but after looking for maybe I have a very similar issue so I post here too (hope this don't bother anyone) I can play normally but background screens are black I just started to play and I don't mind to wipe all (except my gold and characters and mission unlocked) if needed. But after unistall and reinistall seems that the problem persists.
  5. Hi, first of all thanks for this amazing game to the developers My problem is that all the backgrounds in scenario are now in complete darkness. I was previously gaming in non-connected mode and all worked perfectly, but I finally buyed the Valeros pack to enjoy this fantastic game. My smartphone is a Huawei Mate 9, Android 7.0 mali GPU Images:
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