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Did not receive Holiday bundle cards.



Been playing the game and love it. I got the holiday pack a week or two ago and got the dice and card packs with it, but did not receive the (two?) promo cards that should have come with it. Tried waiting to see if they would pop up and restoring purchases but nothing.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Aegis 29 #3062

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The two cards you should have received are:

Pathfinder Chronicler (AD3 Ally)

Song of Hawkmoon (AD6 Spell)


There seems to be an issue getting the Song to display in the vault even if you own a copy.  Check if you at least have the Chronicler.


The Festive Wool Hide (Promo Armor) that Hannibal was talking about was the free holiday gift.  

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Thank you for the replies. I did in fact find the Ally Pathfinder Chronicler in the AD3 slot, I was looking in promo. But you are right, the Song of Hawkmoon is not appearing anywhere.

I already let the devs know about Song of Hawkmoon.  It is almost certainly in your account, so it may take a patch to solve why it won't show up in the gallery...

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