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Morgiv the Enshrouded dialog restarted scenario with banished hands



Excited to play Spires of Xin-shalast with my favourite characters. First Scenario, Cabin in the Snow, Merisiel encountered an Ally named Morgiv, described as Enshrouded. This triggered a dialog scene.


After the game returned to the Villain/henchmen/assign location screen. The scenario location decks were as I left them (one closed, others Scryed etc. BUT my charcters hands were GONE. They had drawn new ones, but the old cards were not in discard, bury or reserve deck and my decks were all short the 5-8 cards they had been holding.


Worse yet Morgiv remained atop his deck, Merisiel re-encountered him, and the bug repeated. Now my characters were all nearing death, since another hand had been banished, so I forfeited.


All my crew was unable to draw up to hand size on multiple card types, so I found myself in the vault ( or whatever you call it when you need to make up deck content) with many of my best cards lost forever, my vaut now totally picked over, and the Characters stuck with weak cards they had encountered in the scenario (i.e. charm person and a guide).


So this was a near game ending bug for me. Is there a way to revert to my card list pre adventure? Is there a backup? A character editor? My characters decks are quite wrecked, as is my card collection. I spent a lot of time getting here, and have also spent $ to support the game. Help?


Android 6.0.1

Adventure 6.1 just after new patch (1.6.1?)

Merisiel Ezren Lem Seelah

Pass and Play, Permadeath off

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Made an account just for this bug as well.


Second scenario of Xin-shalast. Harsk encountered Morgiv. It triggered the beginning scene of the second scenario again, showing the villain/henchmans again, allowing me to place characters at different locations; essentially almost a restart of the scenario. However, after placing my characters back at their location, each character had drawn a new hand. I forfeited and found that all my cards, except for the hand at time of forfeit, have disappeared, as if they'd been banished.


Extremely frustrating to lose so much progress.


iOS 9.3.5

Pass and Play, Permadeath off

Xin-Shalast patch

Harsk, Ezren, Merisiel, Amira, Seoni, Kyra

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The exact same thing just happened to me in the second scenario. I encountered him with Merisiel, the Scenario restarted and all cards from the hands are gone.

I closed the game and hope for an answer here before I restart. I played this party of 6 characters since day 1 including all hardmodes and would be very pissed if it was just killed by this bug.

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I created an account to report this as well. Same situation:


Second time attempting 6-1, ran into Morghv. New blue "star" icon in lower-left corner, clicked, brought to dialog screen. Sajan talked with Morgiv, then when dialog completed, I was prompted to assign party members to various locations as if the mission was starting anew. The location I had already closed (Temple) showed as closed, and any locatiosn that I had made headway into clearing showed that some cards were commensurately missing from the location decks. Figuring it was a one-time but, I assigned my characters, chose the turn order again, and continued. Characters that hadn't acted yet didn't get to act, but the initiative order started at the top. When Harsk took his turn, I noticed that he only had seven cards in his deck. The hand he held before was apparently banished, but his discard pile still contained any cards he had discarded so far in the adventure. I continued through normal gameplay, until it came to Sajan's turn. He again met Morgiv, and the same process occurred. When I was back into the adventure, I noticed that Harsk now had zero cards in his deck. I quickly quit out of the program.


This is extremely disconcerting to me - I spent quite a lot of time running these characters through each adventure tier many times in order to fully kit them out with fantastic gear. Many of the characters had irreplaceable loot cards that are now forever gone. I want to hold out hope that this can be recovered, and have no reason to believe that it won't, but starting anew after so much work would be very difficult.


Android 6.0.1
Adventure 6.1 just after new patch (1.6.1)
Harsk, Ezren, Sajan, Lem, Valeros, and Kyra
Pass and Play, Permadeath off

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Developers! You must stop adventure 6 from running right now until you can patch (just remove?) Morgiv!


This is ruining the games of your most loyal fans. We are getting reports here across different platforms (Android and IOS).


I will add my ID to my post since my favourite characters are ruined.



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I also have the same issue. Scenario restarted and then kicked me out and I had to rebuild my deck. Lost several cards.




User Id = costguy


Ezren -   Pyromancer   x2, Disintegrate x 2, wand of enervation x 2 

Lini -   holy light, some blessings

Harsk - Shock Longbow +1? Some items

Amiri - Wand of Enervation, ? , some blessings

Lem -  not sure

Sajan - Feather of  (one that looks at 5 cards and puts them back)

Edited by Costguy
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The same thing has happened to me. This is a game ending bug. Is there a way to roll this back?




PFID: E906043F69C3D86D


Missing cards:




Venomous dagger +2



Gozrehs trident



Incendiary cloud

Lightning bolt

Toxic cloud

Flash of storm

Robe of runes

Amulet of inescapable location

Sihedron medallion


Vale temros

Rogue ape



Frost longbow +1

Heavy crossbow

Revelation quill

Emerald codex

Bracers of greater protection

Orb of ice

Ring of protection

Poog of zaroneel

Gozreh blessing



Fanged falchion

Acidic sling +3

Heavy crossbow

Black cloth armour

Magic spyglass

Orb of storms

Wand of enervation

Improved sages journal

Father zantos

Jakardros sovark

Shelyn blessing

Calistria blessing

Edited by Gameboy_uk
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The moment I had to restart the scenario after encountering mogriv I ran straight to the forums.

My PFID# is A5DCE49FBC8815A7




Edit to add details for the restoration:


Seelah: Runechill Hatchet +2, Fanged Falchion, Major Cure, Steel Ibis Lamellar, sage, Blessing Of Lamashtu, Blessing Of Gorum, Favor Of Gorum. Total 8.

Lini: Masterwork Tools, Bear, Monkey, Eagle, Blessing Of Milani, Blessing Of Gozreh. Total 6.

Amiri: Greatclub +3, Bastard Sword, Great Axe +1, Greatsword, Greater Luckstone, Scarlet And Green Cabochon, Velociraptor, Troubadour. Total 8

Merisiel: Frost Longbow +1, Ring Of Protection, Skinsaw Mask, Spyglass, Black Arrow Ranger. Total 5.

Ezren: Acidic Sling +3, Haste, Swipe, Poisonblast, Wand Of Enervation, Necklace Of Fireballs, Incanter. Total 7. 


These are the cards missing as best as I remember, though there might be some less important cards that I confused. It took me a lot of switching back and forth between the vault and my characters deck.

Edited by vpumeyyv
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Hey everyone,


We are extremely sorry for the major bugs popping up in the 1.1.6 update. So far, we have fixed a lot of the major issues that you have been reporting including this one, and we are forever grateful to you all!


We're doing our best to get patch out that includes all these fixes as fast as we are able to. 


If you haven't posted your PFID# or User ID (i.e. Waffles4Life #1234) already, please do so. We will also need the character that was affected by this issue, along with the cards that were banished when encountering Morgiv the Enshrouded. We will do our best to add the cards back into your character's decks.


Again, we are very sorry for this shakey release and for any inconvenience this may have caused you all.

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Hey everyone as Aarik said we are extremely sorry this slipped through and you were affected by it. Please list your PFID here, which characters were affected and what cards you were missing. I'll be going through and manually fixing this and restoring your lost content.

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Seriously! The bug hit me twice in one game, so I'm also down 10-16 cards per character in a 4 person party. So you want a 50 card list from my memory?


The party got forced to take a bunch of crap cards they had picked up in their several turns in 6.1. Then I had to plunder my card vault to make up hand size so the scenario could close. Some of those cards had vault duplicates, some did not, but now my vault has almost no good cards left to choose from.


Are you going to return my cards to the vault also? How do you know which cards to remove from hand to add in the missing cards? I guess you just add like 12 cards per character and I forfeit a scenario so I can manually yank the vault cards back out?


Appology is fine but... did you guys play test this at all? And look back near the top, when I point out that this devastating problem is rolling in from all platforms and isn't just me. Did you close the adventure?


No. So most of the victims here are are not an accident. They are a result of your deliberate decision to keep this bad version running. That's beyond an apology.


So what else are you going to do to make this up to all the people who you decided to let this happen to?

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