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Upcoming character alts

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Based off the picture of Valeros, can you confirm that the Character alts are cosmetic only and are not different version of a character, such as from the Character Decks.

-F: Not just cosmetic. Stats and Power changes too. They are basically a new character with a familiar face.


Will character alts be available for purchase separately, as a Bundle , in Chests or all of the above?

-F: All the above for now.


How many alternates will there be for each character?

-F: We will go out with one per character (11). There is the potential for more in the future.

-F: Are from me.


Based on this quote from the thread belonging to flounders blog, can we get a little bit more information about the upcoming alts?

I mostly want to know if the alts are characters that have been published before from paizo (so a mix of class deck versions and versions from other APs) or if they are exclusive to the app?

While it is mentioned that they have different skills and powers, the preview image of valeros does not, so I'm a little confused here.





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I have a wee blog coming up and Aarik has been kind enough to make a post with more specifics about the characters in our patch notes.




The alts are inspired by the class deck but this is original content approved by Paizo/Lone Shark.  These alts are also not balanced to be equal to the original characters and are slightly better performance-wise.



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