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Challenge pickup reward displays wrong amount of gold



The "pickup rewards" tab in daily challenges displays the gold reward equal to the current daily challenge's reward, as seen in the two pictures below:




This is just a visual bug, claiming the reward gives you the right amount of gold (100 for the first 3 challenges seen, for example).

What device type are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.2.2

What is your PFID#? 3E90A1B5416DECA

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Pick ups Are maybe for storing rewards for weekly challenges that was mentioned in the last development blog. Another not likely is that They store gold in the case you have bad internet Connection, so that you can store rewards temporary and cash them when you have a stable internet Connection.

Not sure exactly what you're trying to address with this post, but the reward pickup list is great no matter what its original intention was - allows people like me to "bank" gold from the challenges (so that in case I'm out of gold when a new deck comes out unexpectedly, I'll have some gold stored with the challenge rewards).

Just that this small visual bug, while causing no harm, is still a visual bug.

Once the completed challenges display the right amount of gold, a somewhat insignificant but neat addition would be to display the total amount of gold stored with the completed challenge rewards.

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