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Amiri performed Sinspawn check while dead



Amiri and Harsk are both at the Village House. Amiri encounters a Trapped Passageway, fails the check and dies. Next turn, Harsk encounters Erylium. No prompt is given for who to encounter the Sinspawn (since he is the only character at the location) and the Wisdom check comes up - with Amiri as the roller.


She fails the check, and the combat check does not come up; it goes straight to rolling the post-Sinspawn-encounter blessing die, and then proceeds to Harsk's Elyrium encounter.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Trouble in Sandpoint, Legendary difficulty, Darkest Night and Full Packs

Party of, in order, Seoni (died at Village House earlier), Amiri, and Harsk.

Pass and play and permadeath both off

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