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Charachters Lost Expirience points



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The only pure speculation would be somekind of save game corruption...

It would be really odd to blame a level/exp/power rollback on corrupted save.  That corruption would need to make a lot of specific edits, and then ensure that resulting file is still "legible" on load.


Game saves are 30-60kB of binary streams packed end-to-end.  Depending on where the "corruption" happens, downstream data gets reset to defaults.  Not much in the way of error-correction; everything is either in its proper place, or it all starts to fall apart.  Fairly typical for many game saves apart from the human-readable xml/json styles.


My best guess is something happened with "the cloud" and old info synced down on top of newer local data.  Still a problem though...

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But even that has hard time to explain why only some character were affected in the party. Normally it is all or nothing. Yep, the corruption would affect other things too, unless there is some system that scroll back characters that has some problems, but there is not even a hint about that kind of system... so very unique situation. I have personally had situation where some character From party does get corrupted and Locked down and disappear completely, but that was a long time ago, but it Also is a profe that there can be character in the same party that Are fine, and another get really bad corrupted. So it is in theory possible that some characters suffer illhappening and some not.

But still this case is somewhat unique.

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It's possible to have this sort of thing happen if you play with multiple devices.  


Think of the Pathfinder "cloud" (PlayFab) like a simple version control system.  It doesn't care about newness or character levels, it just looks for the highest revision number and goes with it.  Normally not an issue... until you throw multiple devices and occasional offline play into the mix.  Take this example:


iPad1 ("master" branch, usually online, up-to-date) has a Lv 40 Seelah (revision 200)

iPad2 (hasn't synced in a while, offline) has an older Lv 38 Seelah (revision 195)


Without actually doing much, it's possible to run up the revision number on the "old" Lv 38 Seelah to revision 205.  Next time iPad2 goes online, Lv 38 Seelah commits to the "master" branch and it eventually syncs over to iPad1.


Not saying that this is necessarily what happened in this scenario, but it is one of the things I've discovered trying to figure out why my iPhone being perpetually out-of-sync...

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