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The dozen or so constructs in Galvino's lab

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When you mention it, I've heard about that list and know that items aren't exactly perfectly randomly generated. But I also try to stay away from overly much meta gaming, and just pick up whatever we get. Resting somewhere for 20 days to get *that* item, whatever it may be, wouldn't feel like fun to me.


Sure would be nice if we could craft that lore-increasing scrolls though, but from what I saw in the game yesterday, we can't :(

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I agree regarding meta gaming. The one time I did it was for a build of Boeroer's that used a particular random drop item. My post wasn't so much advocating rest spamming to get the items you need as giving a possible explanation as to why I usually get the gloves.


Depending on how you feel about achievements and that sort of thing, you could console them in. 

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