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Feature request: Rework Xaurip Skirmisher

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Trying to solo a PotD and faced an very incoherent problem: Permanent stun from Xaurip Skirmisher.

From my perspective, a solo player (unless doing the ultimate achievement) should avoid fight with a dragon... not a goblin. Basic quests and map travels are being blocked by this. no other enemy has a 100% stun chance as Xaurip. Even grase attacks will result in perma stun.

I'm holding my barbarian solo game for now until this is fixed (what shouldn't be a problem for the devs), just change 100% chance to some % chance.


Obs: If the game isn't balanced for solo, it should be now as obsidian make achievements for this on steam.

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Is this at Madhmr Bridge by any chance? That skirmisher is well known as being a tough one. Best advice would be to avoid that map till you reach a higher level and/or get items that increase your Defences, or even avoid the map altogether since it's not required at all. I assume Stun is defended by Fortitude, but you'd need to check your combat logs to be sure.


As for your comments about balancing the game for solo: there were always achievements for soloing the game. Obsidian included them, if I recall correctly, because the players wanted them included, but Obsidian made it clear that the game would not be balanced for them. Just because an achievement exists doesn't mean you should be able to achieve it.


In particular, there's no reason to assume the game should be soloable by every class. If you're keen to solo the game to get the achievements then you'd be better off running with a Paladin. Barbarians simply aren't that great at soloing at lower levels due to their low Defences. Even at higher levels, when they get some of their more powerful abilities, they still struggle with certain types of fights. Meanwhile, a Paladin has the best Defences in the game, and as a bonus you can even solo all the Dragon fights: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJd1wuIwY2H9sk8qM2FJC9A

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There's also the Anslog's compass that stop me from finish a quest.

But is that stun defensable by will or it's perma based on hit (if you're hit, you're stun)? That make sense as my Barb Build is:

Str 8

Con 8

Dex 19

Per 17

int 10

res 17


My fortitude def is **** (and i regret the Res 17 that only has use for banters).

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Stun is defended by fortitude... It works like a normal attack, and graze/hit/crit system does 50/100/150 % duration (like normal attacks do damage).


Especially for solo, fortitude is amongst the most important defenses as the most nasty attacks (stun, paralise, petrified, ...) go against fortitude. Try dropping Res to 10 or lower and go for might and some con.

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Now the char is done, i'm keeping him.

But i changed the approach, used ranged attacks, survival is 3 so i get +1 mov. that's suffice to make most of the enemies return to their position when chasing as the game calculate my speed greater than them, so i killed the little nasties with hit and run tactics.

A future dragon fight, if i even try, will be a hell to deal with.

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