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When cornered, Ordikon doesn't roll for being undefeated



EDIT: In another run, he failed to roll the very first time he was encountered (and escaped) , so apparently the bug is neither connected to beating him with the same character, nor to being cornered.


HOWEVER: I did notice that both times this happened, it was in the Desecrated Vault



Original post:

Alternatively, this bug may not be connected to Villain being cornered: I have already beaten his smug metal mug, like 4 times during the scenario, and I'm pretty sure at least one of them was with Valeros (during all those times, he always rolled for being undefeated, as intended, but also he was never cornered...). This final time, when he was cornered and didn't roll his power - I again defeated him with Valeros (so maybe his power "the first time you would defeat Ordikon this turn..." is instead coded to track "the first time you would defeat Ordikon with *this character*...?)

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I've certainly experienced his power failing to trigger too. I can't remember the circumstances I'm afraid and it's going to take me some time to be able to verify as I'm still working through 5.1 on Heroic with my second party. It looks like it's going to take forever because the Banes +4 and (effectively automatically) encounter a Hound of Lamashtu every time you defeat a monster totally soak up my blessings (and that's ignoring any wildcard - some of which render it utterly unbeatable), leaving no capacity for the additional pull-though needed in a party of 6. The "Heroic" bonus of 100G is pretty laughable given how many attempts it's likely to take.

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