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Advancement-blocking bug - Shuffling an encounter in progress



This is a bit of a weird one, so I wanted to make sure it was reported here. Here's what happened:

Scenario 5.4

Valeros is in the Festing Maze of Sloth, facing ... I forget his name, but the Villain that first summons another random monster. The summoned monster was a Goblin, which Valeros easily beat. 

Valeros then triggered his Birdcruncher Crown, which allowed him to take an item from the location deck. The problem was, as soon as I took that item, it reshuffled the location deck, and appears to have reshuffled the Villain back into the deck at the same time, even though I was in the middle of encountering him. So now Valeros is stuck at the Festering Maze, and unable to do anything. The only icon lit up (on top) is the green compass rose, indicating that he's still in the exploring phase. He's not allowed to advance to the end of turn/discard areas, because he's still in an encounter. But the encounter has disappeared, so he can't fight or do anything else either. He's just... stuck.


Completely shutting down the program and restarting it from scratch (then using the "continue" option) puts me back into the encounter immediately after the Crown was used, so it once again selects the first item from the location deck, then reshuffles the deck and leaves me stuck in the exact same place. :-(

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If a VRT (Vault Round-Trip) doesn't work, then an App Shutdown often won't either (though for some reason killing the App sometimes does). It appears that sometimes starting a Scenario with another party can help. I have no idea why any of this should be the case (though an explanation of the effectiveness of the VRT has been provided somewhere), it's just my experiences that I'm sharing.

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