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Friendly Fire and Area of Effect

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Hallo, I just started playing PoE, and I still have many things to learn.


When does friendly fire happen?


Is it like this according to the description?:


Foo AoE: no friendly fire possible

AoE: friendly fire will happen

Friendly AoE: effect only applies to friends


Also, can the effect on the symbol under the character be trusted in this respect?:


- When it changes to a target cross, the character will be affected

- When it doesn't change, it is not affected (except when it was already under attack by the caster)


What is the meaning of the ring and fainter circle around the centre?

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Guest Matt Sheets

Your Intellect attribute increases the AoE size.


The fainter yellow circle is from your Intellect.  The increased yellow AoE does not cause friendly fire.

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It's pretty much as you'd split up the descriptions: foe AoE affects only foes, friendly AoE affects only allies, AoE affects everyone. Also worth noting that when you use a spell or abilty you'll get a circle with an AoE indicator. For these, Foe AoE will be yellow, universal AoE will be red, friendly AoE will be blue. Hope it helps!

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