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So I think i've found a bug with Silver Tide. My moon godlike Chanter's Silver Tide used to heal about 23 endurance per tick (at 75%, 50% and 25% respectively). I recently respecced her and went from

M:18 C:8 D:4 P:18 I:11 R:19


M:18 C:18 D:4 P:18 I:11 R:9


According to the character screen Silver Tide still healed 23 endurance per tick, but at soon as I went into combat that number jumped to 103 endurance per tick!! I tested it during the combat and it seems to 'only' heal 83 endurance per tick. But still this has completely broken my game, as i now heal my entire party to full endurance 3 times per encounter :CC


After the combat was done the number on the character screen stayed at 103 endurance, but didnt seem to increase further if I went into combat again.


Has anyone encountered this bug and know how to fix it? As I said, my entire run is pretty much dead now, since my chanter tank pretty much is invincible...

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After some more testing when I reloaded the save just before respeccing the bug suddenly disappeared. I was able to recreate it several times but only when maxing Constitution and taking Ancient Memory and Sword and Shield style. But then when I started to test if Ancient Memory was involved in the bug I stopped being able to recreate the bug.


Guess I managed to solve my own problem. Sry to bother you all, if anyone else is having this problem just try to respecc and fiddle around with the stats until you get out of the bug I guess.

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