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Why I Cannot Get into this Game -or- Character Options Stink (for Me)

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Boeroer showed me the light on 3 Res Barbarians a while ago, solo PotD currently I'm running (with resting bonuses, etc.):


Might 24

Con 15

Dex 10

Per 17

Int 18

Res 3


I'm aiming for:


MIG: 26 

CON: 19 

DEX: 10

PER: 15

INT: 22

RES: 5


(Sorry for the change in capitalisation, but I've already written up most of the class build and I'm far too lazy to make the change). 


I've just started Act III, I'm going to get Rymyrgand's Boon, Dungeon Delver and Song of the Heavens then probably do WM part I and II, the bounties then finish off the third act. There's really no problem with low Resolve on Barbarian, early game they will have a lot of trouble hitting Wichtes because of the interrupt, but other than that it's fine because if you get a hit or two in Carnage will do the work for you.


I tested recently the maximum Res you'll need on a level 16 character to not get interrupted, and 13 is more or less the goal if you're really concerned about it. Upscaled PotD Ondrite Tidal Fists at the Abbey of the Fallen Moon (late game, and very tough) hit 34 interrupt on a crit, and 13 Res gives 84 concentration at level 16. This means only 50% on the time, on a crit, they will interrupt you - and even with lowish Deflection they're still not going to be critting you that often at level 16, so you're fine (or run the Lost Periapt of the Winding Path like I'm intending too - even though it's late game I'm still not really hurting from the low Res).


Ultimately a spread like I've suggested works well, Dex isn't really so important if you take Frenzy, Bloodlust and Thirst - particularly when considering Two Handed (which I'm also currently using).

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