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[] Justice Ironbriar STILL messed up (just in a new way)



Device: BlueStacks emulator
OS: Android 5.1
PACG build:

Pass & Play: OFF
Permadeath: OFF
Mode: Story
Party Members: Seoni, Valeros, Lem, Harsk, Lini
Turn Order: per party
Scenario: 2.4
Difficulty: Normal
Wildcards: none
Location: Mill
Trigger: Justice Ironbriar


First, I can confirm that JI is no longer immortal. Hurrah!


But. He's still messed up big time!


I had all the locations except for the Mill closed and I was running down on Blessings in the Blessings Deck and everyone was firing on empty (it really hurts Seoni when she can't use the Spells she collects!) so everyone on their turn was piling in at the Mill and trying to burn at least  2 cards off the Location Deck (though most only managed 1). Finally, I was down to 0 Blessings in the Deck and it was Lem's turn at the oche.


I reviewed everyone's situation and decided to let Valeros take the random monster encounter. Having selected Valeros for the encounter, the display switched to show Valeros. But weirdly, only his Blessings were highlighted, not his weapon. Worse than that, his skill die was a D4! A quick check showed that it was actually still Lem who was active character - even a VRT didn't change this. So I was stuck with Lem having to deal with a Mercenary - armed only with a Light Crossbow. I couldn't throw everything I had left at defeating the Mercenary, 'cos I felt that I'd need it for dealing with JI. Fortunately, Lem defeated the Mercenary with the little assistance I could spare. On to dealing with JI!


I'd forgotten that JI can be defeated by an Arcane 11 instead of the Combat 16, so I went with Lem's superior Arcane and decided to throw in a Blessing of Gorum for the extra D10, figured 2D10+4 was a reasonable "hail Mary". Imagine my surprise when Valeros's BoG yielded 2D10! Needless to say, 3D10+4 was more than enough to see off that scoundrel Ironbriar ("Justice" my arse!)



  1. Selecting an "off-turn" character for the Justice Ironbriar random monster encounter does not change active character
  2. Contributing a Blessing of Gorum from the "off-turn" character yielded 2 bonus dice on an Arcane check

My, my, the code does a poor job of tracking the Encounter process!


I took some souvenir photos for your amusement:

post-163870-0-32725600-1476970615_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-44216100-1476970627_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-54132700-1476970654_thumb.jpg

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