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Melee Wizard and expansion

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Hi all guys,


before all sorry for my english, i'm italian so english isn't my native language.


Ok, i'm playing with a party o hard difficult with a melee wizard with a Tidefall greatsword and i have a lv 8 party.

before taking Tidefall i've used a lot Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff it was a great spell but now i have that superb weapon :)


My problems are on stats, really i don't know what is really useful and what not, because for me ALL are really useful.

I don't like reset to min stats so i'm trying to keep all at least at 10 so now i have


Str: 17

con 10

dex 15

per 10

Int 12

res 14


Human, living lands, wizard.


I can understand that all bonus, except maybe str, are really too low (to keep all at a good level nothing is exceptional) but i don't know what is really really useful for  a first line mage with a greatsword.


I open fight with Llengrath's Displaced Image and, if there are many enemies, Flame Shield.


What i should modify for you?


second question

i have to buy expansion: i should finish the game then buy expansion or i can play it now? 


Thanks all for answering me :)






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You should have posted this in the character builds forum. You'll get more concrete feedback for you wizard build.


Expansions: WM I can be played from ~lvl 8 on, WM II after that. You can always enter the new locations during the main campain - they are not seperated games, but are embedded into the main game. You can always go back and forth. WM I & II truly "extend" the main game.

It's not very good to finish the main game and then do WM I - because then the expansions will be way too easy.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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