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I'd definitely use Bittercut.

If you can duplicate it go for that, if not I'd go for a 3rd damage type on the other hand, maybe even warhammer for 4 damage types.

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Dual Bittercut with a Bleak Walker is best in my opinion. But it comes quite late. But they are also great for FoD - so you don't have to switch weapons for that.


If you want to see your build bloom early and also like highest speed paired with ACC bonus then go for weapon focus noble and take the Sword of Daenysis (rapier with speed, can be bought in Ondra's Gift at Vincent Dwellier) and the March Steel Dagger (also speed, can be obtained during a short quest in Copperlane). Both you can get early, which is great. You'll have the looks of a duelist and high attack speed and +5 ACC on both weapons. The rapier is even rending (3 DR bypass).

FoD is not so great with these - two arquebuses with a burning lash, intense flames and scion of flame do wonders.

Please note that a paladin is not a very potent DPS class until level 13.


Dual war hammers is also nice.

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I've read a guide which says a paladin with dual bittercut or bittercut/vent pick shines, too!

I'll follow your tip until i get those weapons, it seems a really good.


Is "black path" talent any good on the long run?? Or i should retrain it for +burn/+corrode damage asap?

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The Black Path is fine in the long run, though a little underwhelming (the -10 Accuracy improves your defence rolls naturally). If you're really after DPS, +corrode would be better with the Bittercuts - if you're not using two Bittercuts possibly +burn would be better instead, particularly with the sabre nerf coming 3.04.

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The Black Path is nonsense in my opinion. But Remeber Rhakan Field (=+25% corrosive lash) is nice in combination with 2 Bittercuts:


You can pile up a high amount of burst damage via FoD if you take this:


- Spirit of Decay

- Scion of Flame

- Fod

- Intense Flames

- Corrosive (or burning) lash on Bittercut

- Savage Attack

- Sworn Enemy


Spirit of Decay gives a 20% bonus to Bittercut's damage (because it's corrode/slash - it also works for the slash damage by the way). Savage Attack adds another 20%, Sworn Enemy dito. So you will do a full attack with +60% base damage (besides bonus damage from MIG and enchantments). THis damage will be taken into account when calculating the lash damage from FoD and so on:

+75% burning lash. +50% corrosive lash

The lashes will profit from Scion of Flame/Spirit of Decay. So you will have: +90% burning lash, +60% corrosive lash

So, a full attack (= two strikes) with +60% base damage and +90% burn damage and +60% corrode damage.

If you crit (and there's a very high chance you do with Sworn Enemy's +15 and FoD +20 = +35 ACC - most likely combined with Zealous Focus) you will also do +50% crit damage. If you took The Merciless Hand even +80%. 


FoD with such a Bleak Walker normally leads to two strikes that do more than 100 damage with each strike against an armored target (tested against the bleak walker paladins who you have to kill in order to upgrade Ryona's Breastplate). So, the whole full attack can do more than 200 damage - and you can do it twice per encounter. You should always disable the foe you want to hit with FoD so it leads to crits.


And your autoattacks are also not bad, too. Savage Attack + Spirit of Decay add up nicely.


If you don't want to duplicate Bittercut then I would use Resolution and Purgatory. They both do double damage on crits which is also nice. But then I wouldn't take Spirit of Decay of course.


Later on you will get Sacred Immolation and here Scion of Flame also works. At that point you could also take the Black Path - it would lead to constantly frightened enemies because you will kill a lot of foes with Sacred Immolation - but I think you will have no talent points left for that little gimmick. :)

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