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  1. Thank you for all the clarifications and the suggestions folks, really appreciated! I'll continue this way with arquebus and look for those weapons you mentioned. Can i also ask if is there a decent Two-handed sword early in the game to drop?? Cheers.
  2. Hello everybody, Im in doubt if choose dual pistol or arquebus as second slot for my Inquisitor (My first slot is Two-handed weapon). Im just lvl 5, i did some tests with both weapon and it seems arquesbus benefits more with normal damage and Flame of Devotion (often both shots from the 2 pistol doesn't reach the damage of single shot of Arquebus) My question is: How it becomes the damage later in the game? There are certain situation in which i want my inquisitor stay range for a while, should i choose high single damage from arquebus or lower/faster damage from 2 pistols Thanks. Cheers. EDIT: I forgot to mention that i choosed to raise DEX to max and PER rather than MIG which is just around 12-14 points. Should i lower DEX a bit in favor of more MIG?
  3. Thank you very much for the explanation. That is what kinda i wanted to do and now i got a more clear way to do it. If i got with some other doubts these days i'll write over here
  4. I've read a guide which says a paladin with dual bittercut or bittercut/vent pick shines, too! I'll follow your tip until i get those weapons, it seems a really good. Is "black path" talent any good on the long run?? Or i should retrain it for +burn/+corrode damage asap?
  5. Hello community, i'd like to make a dual-wield paladin focussing on crit and attack speed. What weapon should i go for? sabres for high attack speed, clubs for dr or anything else? Thanks.
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